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Homeowners Insurance in Silverdale, WA

You work hard to protect your home, whether your efforts take the form of precise maintenance or on-site security measures. But these physical safeguards only go so far.

At Kuresman Insurance, we help you protect your home from more. We carry homeowners insurance in multiple price ranges from a variety of insurers to help you find your best fit.
What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?
While every homeowners insurance policy differs slightly, most policies offer similar coverage. Your homeowners insurance policy covers damage caused by a specified list of causes. Typically, these causes include:

  • Fire
  • Storm events, such as hail
  • Theft and vandalism
You can also add additional coverages to a policy to protect your home from floods, earthquakes, and other circumstances that are generally excluded.

A standard homeowners insurance policy also provides coverage for the following:
  • Liability-If an injury occurs on your property, liability coverage protects your assets and pays for legal representation and defense costs.
  • Personal property-When belongings become damaged or destroyed, personal property coverage pays for their replacement.
  • Structures-Structures coverage can help you repair or rebuild your home, while coverage for other structures may apply to your garage, shed, or even fencing.
  • Use-If your home becomes so damaged that you must live elsewhere during restoration, loss of use coverage can provide for your basic living expenses.
When you consult with one of our team members, we consider your needs, including home owners association requirements, and your wants to find your best policy.
Why Choose Kuresman Insurance?
For more than 65 years, Kuresman Insurance has helped individuals throughout the Greater Seattle area protect the assets that are most important to them.

Whether you need to purchase a policy for your new home or you want to expand the coverage you already have,contact our Silverdale, WA office today. Email one of our agents, or call 360-692-6131 to speak to an expert representative now.